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Accessibility and General Site Information


Who to Contact

We have included a number of features in these web pages that we hope will assist all our visitors to use these web pages without difficulty. However, should you experience problems with these pages, please report the problem to:

email admin@workplaceLLNnetwork.co.uk


Customising Web Pages

If you have dyslexia, colour blindness or low vision, you can alter your browser settings to suit your needs. You can change the colour of the text and background and enlarge or reduce the size of the font. You can also remove the "style" specified by the web designer.

View the browser customisation instructions online.

Mouse Alternatives

You should be able to access all links using the tab key. Please report faults or illogical sequencing to admin@workplaceLLNnetwork.co.uk. The first tab key will access "skip links" which will take you directly to the page content.

Access keys have also been defined - please refer to next section "Users of Screen Readers".


Users of Screen Readers

"Skip Navigation" links have been provided at the top of each page to allow screen reader users to pass over repetive menus and should take you directly to the page content.

Tab Order for Links

The tab key should take you through the links on a page in a logical sequence. The first tab on any page should take you to "skip links" to allow you to access the main page content directly. The 2nd tab accesses information for disabled users (this page) and the 3rd accesses the site map.

Access Keys

Use the ALT key plus a designated number to access specific pages or parts of a page as follows:

  • ALT+1: Skip links to access main page content
  • ALT+2: The Network home page
  • ALT+3: Site map
  • ALT+4: Contact Us
  • ALT+5: Information for disabled users (this page)

Note that you may need to use the "enter" key to activate the link.

Adobe Reader

Some documents contained within this website are pdf files and require Adobe Reader to open them. If you do not have Adobe Reader then please go to www.adobe.com, where you can obtain a free download.

Link to Adobe Reader Website



Web Standards

The pages of this website have been written to conform to the guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with regard to:

  • Valid XHTML 1.0
  • Valid CSS
  • AA Disability compliance (W3C-WCAG Accessibility Guidelines 1.0)

This should ensure that the vast majority of visitors to this website should be able to access the pages with ease, regardless of the platform used.


Browser Compatibility

This site has been tested using the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 4, 5, 6 and 7
Netscape 7
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7
Opera 9.02
Avant 10.2

Due to the inability of version 4 browsers to render CSS and standard code correctly, users of older browsers will receive a plain but functional version of the website. These users may like to consider downloading Opera or Mozilla Firefox (free over the internet) as an alternative browser that handles the code correctly.


Latest News:

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