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Language, Literacy and Numeracy at work

"Our vision is that in 2010 the UK will be a society where Government, employers and individuals actively engage in skills development to deliver sustainable economic success for all.”
In Demand, adult skills in the 21st century - part 2 (Nov 2002)

The Moser report on adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL, "A Fresh Start", identified up to 7 million adults in England with skills below Level 1 of the National Literacy Standards. 47% of these adults are in work.

The link between Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills on performance at work

Through Skills for Life, the national strategy for Language, Literacy, Numeracy(LLN) the Government has recognised the vital role LLN has in:

- employee effectiveness
- workforce development
- helping firms to innovate and adapt to the demands of a changing economy
- improving productivity and international competitiveness.

Managers and trainers in industry often fail to make the connection between LLN skill levels in the workplace and the way the organisation and its systems and processes function.

In order to persuade managers to support a Language, Literacy and Numeracy programme it is necessary to show how specific job tasks are underpinned by good communication skills and maths and how improving these skills will lead to bottom line benefits.

Why deliver at the workplace?

Many adults experience a range of barriers to improving their LLN skills, such as shift work, family commitments and lack of confidence. With the support of the employer and a carefully planned programme it is possible to engage employees who would not otherwise take up college or community centre provision.


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