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Yorkshire and Humber

Our work to date

The Network’ s regional development activities in the region began in a capacity building project funded by the Regional Development Agency Yorkshire Forward in 2001 as a partner in development activities for South Yorkshire with Yorkshire Training Partnership (YTP ). The Workplace Basic Skills Network in South Yorkshire project offered support in particular for workbased learning providers engaged with workplace language, literacy and numeracy delivery. The theme of this work continued during a second project from 2003-2004 in the project funded by LSC South Yorkshire Supporting Entry to Employment (E2E)and workbased learning providers to deliver quality basic skills.

The Network developed and delivered a range of new training workshops for workbased learning providers during the second project, many of which have been delivered after this pilot phase in additional regions. The workshops available are:

  • Initial assessment
  • Embedding language, literacy and numeracy in Individual Learning Programmes
  • Approaches to embedding language, literacy and numeracy within vocational learning
  • Strategies for peer observation of teaching and learning
  • Common Inspection Framework
  • Progress Tracking and Review Processes
  • Marketing to employers
  • Reaching Employees
  • Supporting entry level learners



For a hard copy of our portfolio of Regional Development Activities please email admin@workplaceLLNnetwork.co.uk.

To find out more about the work of the Regional Development team across the English regions contact Sue Batt, Director of Regional Development, email suebatt@workplaceLLNnetwork.co.uk telephone 07970 150848.


Services currently available from the Regional Development team

The Network has a specialist team of regional staff and consultants who provide customised support for a range of clients and stakeholders across the regions.

The list below gives an example of the type of activities and products we offer :

  • Seminars for practitioners and other stakeholders
  • Celebration and award event for language, literacy and numeracy learners
  • Survey on employer perspectives on workplace language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) programmes
  • Survey on broker/ provider working relationships
  • Development of web-based provider toolkit on setting up workplace LLN programmes
  • Survey of professional development needs in terms of up workplace LLN
  • Research on LLN development needs in the construction sector
  • Survey of workplace LLN provision in the retail sector
  • Training workshops for ETP staff
  • Training workshops for workbased learning providers
  • Newsletters
  • Consultancy
  • Video and CDROM on learner experiences
  • Directory of workplace LLN provision

A more detailed list of services we offer can be found in Working with The Network.

Latest News:

Funder Finder Serivce - Using funding to support workplace LLN delivery. A guide which considers how providers can fund workplace LLN provision.


The Toolkit: for setting up Workplace LLN - Brings together a pool of resources for workplace LLN in order to make good practice freely available.

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